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Our Philosophy and Values


Business Strength & Personal Strength, Begins with Strength of Character

Honesty, integrity, dependability, trustworthiness, sense of humor - these are the trails necessary to build enduring relationships.

There is no substitute for strong core values.


We are a Family-Focused Business

We involve and support the families of our associates.

We believe in teamwork in the home - this creates an environment where we are happier and more effective.

We encourage our teammates and families to be optimistic and never stop dreaming about how good life can be.

exceptional leadership

VFG was founded by top-earning industry leaders who saw the vision how working “virtually” can provide a new level of freedom and success to a wider group of people than the traditional system can accommodate.

Rich Thawley
In Financial Services since 1980, principal and co-founder Rich Thawley is a recognized name in the industry. From career inception his organizations have recruited more than 1 million people. His organizations have generated billions in annuity deposits and insurance premiums. He is a consultant to World Financial Group and Transamerica Financial Advisors and serves on the Board of Directors of several companies. Rich married his college sweetheart Cindy and is the father to 3 children and grandfather to 2 grandchildren.

Mike Hinsvark
Starting part-time in financial services in 1986, principal and co-founder Mike Hinsvark has traveled all over the world many times with WFG, became a CEO with the company and produced over 25 six figure earners, with over 11,000 representatives in his organization and 30 branch offices across the country. He recently worked as a top leader in an SEO firm with over 4000 reps. He has become one of the top leaders in the country on developing cutting-edge online sales, training & support systems. He has a great family with his two beautiful daughters Alexa and Amber and his wife of 16 years, Mary Ann.


Chris Delfino
With 20+ years in sales leadership, principal and co-founder Chris Delfino leads by example. For over a decade he worked as a National Sales Director in the largest company in Financial Services, managing over 400 people in the highly regulated environment providing sales support for investments and insurance. His office in San Luis Obispo — with only 33 reps — was consistently #1 in the country with over 100 applications per month, exceeding the production of offices with hundreds of reps. His philosophy is: How can you teach it if you haven't done it yourself. "When a salesman's emotions are deflated after an unsuccessful day, and we all have them, he or she needs to be inspired and encouraged. As a mentor, I'm most passionate about 'being in the trenches' with them and showing them IT CAN BE DONE!"