We believe in challenging the status quo
in everything we do.

We believe in innovation and thinking differently.

We do this by leveraging the latest tools and technological advances, allowing you to make an impact on families with our solutions,
as well as build a virtual financial company around your strengths and lifestyle.


Your Choice of Three Powerful Positions


65% of Contract Level
  • Invite guests and prospects to our recorded webinars
  • Drive traffic to your replicated websites
  • Send proven e-mail templates to prospects


65% of Contract Level
  • Get new reps to commit to a fast start
  • Schedule an appointment with Financial Consultant to discuss their personal plan


35% to 100% of Contract
  • Meet with clients online to set up a suitable monthly plan
  • Follow through the entire underwriting process, stay in communication with client, keep referring inviters and managers informed

Make VFG Your Business!

Do what you enjoy.
Do what you excel at and delegate what you’re not.
Build and live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed possible.