We are dedicated to serving families, securing their safe, secure futures, and providing training to men and women desiring part-time or full-time careers in the financial services industry.

Hi, I am Joseph Donelan. 

I have spent over 20 years as a radio personality. Although an enjoyable career, the position forced me to relocate and travel often. I am now ready to stay home with my wife and enjoy our time together, traveling at our OWN leisure. I joined the Virtual Financial Group because I am able to create my own schedule and am in control of my success. Additionally, I learned how to offer a service that delivers the BEST:

  • protection to families.
  • fair prices to customers.
  • rewards to our professional team.

How is all that possible? I invite you to spend a few minutes and find out how we deliver revolutionary products – products that make all traditional insurance products obsolete – coupled with a unique compensation system for the people that choose to join our professional team.

Would you like to secure the safety and security of your family?

Would you like to be the CEO of your own business, earn a six figure income in a distinguished, well- respected $50 billion industry, all from the comfort of your own home office?

So if you find yourself like me, self-motivated, enthusiastic, and competitively driven, at the very least you deserve to learn about what we have to offer. And I am happy to make that information available to you, at no cost or obligation.

Sincerely yours,
Joseph S. Donelan

21 Reasons you should join VFG:

  1. More Money: 126% on Term with 5.85% Renewals paid out to the field and 125% on IUL with 3.42% Renewals paid out to the field.
  2. Faster Pay: Advances Commission on Submission 40% & 60% on Issue total 100% Paid twice weekly
  3. Huge Overrides: 36% Paid out in overrides 17% on 1st, 8% on 2nd, 5% on 3rd, 3% on 4th, 2% on 5th and 1% on 6th (No Co-Leaderships) more money with a team half the size!
  4. Visionary Leadership Team: with Amazing Track record of success over 1 billion in premium Rich Thawley
  5. World Class Business Platform: 300 Employees, Experienced Operations, Contracting, Marketing and Compliance Departments
  6. 20 million dollar Compass computer system runs and tracks your entire business online up to the minute
  7. Proprietary Financial Needs Analysis “FNA” Software for Powerful Client Proposals
  8. Enterprise CRM System: with Tier 1-4 Virtual Manager built in, ties directly to Google Calendar, Android and iPhone
  9. Online Marketing System: with a simple step by step system to use and generate leads
  10. Multiple Landing Pages for both sales and recruiting with powerful analytics
  11. Proven prospecting e-mail templates and ads, custom drip emails campaigns
  12. We will share our secrets of free ways to drive lots of high quality traffic to your landing pages and marketing system
  13. Virtual Business System: expands your market to 200+ million in all 50 states for recruiting and sales
  14. (12) Live Nationwide Weekly Webinar Broadcasts, with Training, Recognition, Guest Speakers, and Q & A + 24/7/365 Virtual Training Library
  15. No Office Expense, No Meetings, No Driving, No Wasted Time and Money, No Appointments, and No Dressing Up
  16. VFG Tier System allows reps to be online marketers and refer all sales and even recruiting to seasoned pros
  17. Cutting Edge Virtual Back Office Tools and Resources to run and track all your business
  18. Strong Product Portfolio: Transamerica, Nationwide, Pacific Life, ING, WRL, Prudential, Allianz, 100+ Carriers Transamerica Term Product with Living Benefits with e-App
  19. Liberal appointment process allows more reps to get appointed
  20. Strength of Transamerica Companies as a solid foundation for your success
  21. “People who are able to work at home experience an increase in their quality of life.” – The Wall Street Journal, 3/5/13